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The Cost of Progress: Looking into Pandora's Box

January 10-12 2025

Welcome to BEIMUN

Dear all,
We’re delighted to announce that both the 31st annual Beijing Model United Nations conference and BEIMUN Online are now in preparation. BEIMUN Online will be hosted online in October (to be decided), and BEIMUN XXXI will be hosted in-person from March 15th to 17th, 2024.
The BEIMUN Secretariat will be hard at work preparing for the upcoming conferences. All the information including committees, topics, chair applications, and more have been released.

BEIMUN has a proud history of serving as a platform for global-minded debate and discussion amongst the leaders of tomorrow. We hope to see you join us in this engaging experience this October or next March.
Sally Kim, George Xu, Edward Zeng, and Nan Jiang
Secretariat of the 30th Annual Session of BEIMUN


BEIMUN Mission

"The Model United Nations program in Beijing is an extension of The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN). As an affiliate, BEIMUN seeks to reflect the ideas and principles of a peaceful post-Cold War world. The Coordinators of the program believe that this world order more accurately reflects the original motives of the authors of the 1945 San Francisco Charter than events following the Potsdam Conference of the same year. It is our hope that BEIMUN will continue to act as another regional center of THIMUN conference affiliates helping to revitalize the original ideals of the United Nations."

– Irwin Stein, Founder of BEIMUN, January 1993.


Coexisting Peacefully in a Polarized World

    Many entered the decade of the 2020s with hope for a better and more united world. Rather disappointingly, the decade of the 2020s up until this point has proven to be rife with division, conflict, and extreme polarization. Today, society is torn between two opposite ends, raging against one another. Both sides are growing suspicious and more suspicious of the other end - cooperation and unity seem to be a concept of the past. Polarization and division have already encroached upon the international community. Barriers to trade, cultural exchange, and overseas students have sadly become the new norm. Countries have veered away from the mindset of peaceful cooperation and to the mindset of protecting one’s self-interest through the restrainment of others. Another cold war dividing the world into two camps looms ever closer. Differences are no longer celebrated but have become excuses to limit, discriminate, and harm. However, differences need not make us enemies. If polarization is inevitable, then humanity must learn to coexist in a polarized world. As a global community, it is time for us to seek ways to celebrate our differences again rather than entrench them through discrimination, polarization, and marginalization. We must respect each other, acknowledge our differences, and seek a peaceful way to coexist in this turbulent world. Perhaps, the idea of a united world is just a rosy dream, but we must work towards that goal - to accept each other’s differences and find a way to coexist without descending into hatred and violence. By striving for peaceful coexistence, we can create a more just, compassionate, and united world.

- BEIMUN XXXI 2024 Secretariat

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