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The BEIMUN secretariats would like to recommend the following hotels:

Crowne Plaza Beijing International Airport

Located 10-15 minutes bus ride from campus, Crowne Plaza has various restaurants along with a supermarket, barbershop, and dry cleaners all within walking distance. For the BEIMUN conference, Crowne Plaza has offered the following special rates:

  1. Superior Room: 710 RMB (includes one breakfast)

  2. Deluxe Room: 810 RMB (includes one breakfast)

  3. Club Room:1200 RMB (includes one breakfast)


*extra breakfast will be 100 RMB per person

*extra bed (including one daily breakfast) will be 350 RMB

*Payments: the Crowne Plaza will send a debit note with the confirmation to the guest/school and ask for their room pre-payment

*Cancellation: guests can get a refund if they can’t make it due to a reason relating to the pandemic 48 hours in advance. Please note that the hotel doesn’t offer refunds for guests wishing to cancel due to personal reasons.

*the room type and rate would be based on the hotel occupancy when the booking information is received.

Reservations to the Crowne Plaza will be accepted up until September 8, 2021

When booking at Crowne Plaza, please send a booking email titled "ISB BEIMUN Event" along with the booking information–in order to receive the corporate rate–to the following contact:

Email Address:

Hotel Sales Mobile: 15810362081

Atour Hotel, Beijing New International Exhibition Center

Located 15-20 minutes bus ride from campus, Atour is within walking range of several restaurants and a park. Atour Hotel has the following rates:

  1. Deluxe Single-bed Room: 600 RMB (includes two breakfasts)

  2. Deluxe Double-bed Room: 600 RMB (includes two breakfasts)


*extra breakfast will be 48 RMB per person

Hotel contact information is as follows:

Address: No.1 Courtyard Building,Shunangyunan Street,Shunyi District,Beijing


Hotel Telephone: 010-56676969 or 17611030012 (Mr. Zhan Ge)

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