Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When is BEIMUN China and BEIMUN XXIX?

A: BEIMUN China will be an entirely face-to-face conference hosted at the International School of Beijing from October 8th to 10th, 2021. BEIMUN XXIX will be an online conference, scheduled to take place from February 24th to 27th, 2022. 


Q: What is the language of the conference?

A: The conference will be conducted in English.


Q: Does BEIMUN follow THIMUN rules of procedure?

A: Yes. BEIMUN is a THIMUN-affiliated conference, and all debate is run according to THIMUN protocol.

Q: How is BEIMUN CHINA different from BEIMUN Online?

A: BEIMUN China is a face-to-face conference open only to schools in mainland China whose students and teachers will be able to travel to our campus without any restrictions. BEIMUN Online will occur later in the school year and will be open to any and all interested schools and students.

Q: If my school participates in BEIMUN CHINA, can we also participate in BEIMUN Online?

A: Certainly, the theme and topics for BEIMUN Online will be completely different from BEIMUN China, so you may join us online in February for another type of conference experience.

Q: Who can attend BEIMUN China?

A: BEIMUN China is a high-level conference designed for high school students and experienced middle school delegates. Students must attend as a part of a teacher-led delegation from their school.

What are the committees and topics for BEIMUN XXVIII?

The BEIMUN XXIX committees and topics can be found in the Committees and Topics tab on our website.

What is the theme for the BEIMUN China and BEIMUN XXIX conference?

The theme for the BEIMUN China conference is "Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty". More information can be found on the Home page. The theme for BEIMUN XXIV will be decided upon soon. 


Q: How do I register for BEIMUN XXIX?

A: Form 1 for BEIMUN XXIX is now available on our website under the Form I tab.

Q: What are the registration deadlines?

A: For more information please refer to the Important Dates tab on our website.

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Q: How may my school pay the registration fee for BEIMUN China? 

A: The complete payment details may be found in the invitation letter sent to directors or in the Registration tab on our website. 

Q: If there was a mistake in the submitted Form 2, may we still amend our submission? 

A: Certainly, Form 2 may be edited and resubmitted if necessary before February 2, 2022. 

Q: What is the refund policy for BEIMUN China?  

A: Please note that September 24th, 2021 is

when the final payment is due for

participants and that there will be no

refunds available after this date. Schools

that have paid prior to this deadline may

still request refunds up until this date. If a school wishes to request for a refund, please email us at

Travel, Food, and Accomodation


Q: Are there vegetarian/kosher/halal/vegan dining options?

A: We do our best to offer a variety of food options that will suit all dietary needs.

However, those requiring gluten-free, halal, or dairy-free menu options should first

check with the director or the secretariat to double-check that the ingredients are


Q: Will BEIMUN China arrange transportation for schools from the airport to the hotel and between the hotel and the school campus? 

A: Schools are expected to arrange their own transportation from the airport to their hotels, but BEIMUN China will provide transportation between the recommended hotels and the school campus each day of the conference.

Q: Where can I find booking information for the recommended hotels? 

A: The detailed information and contact information for the two recommended hotels may be found in the letter of invitation and in our website under the Accommodation tab.


For any additional questions/ concerns, please send us an email at