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Frequently Asked Questions



A: BEIMUN XXX will be an online conference hosted at the International School of Beijing from February 23 to 26th, 2023.


Q: What is the language of the conference?

A: The conference will be conducted in English.


What is the theme for the BEIMUN XXX conference?

The theme for the BEIMUN XXX conference is "A Future Informed but not Restrained by the Past". More information can be found on the Home page. 

Q: Does BEIMUN follow THIMUN rules of procedure?

A: Yes. BEIMUN is a THIMUN-affiliated conference, and all debate is run according to THIMUN protocol.

What are the committees and topics for BEIMUN XXX?

The BEIMUN XXX committees and topics can be found in the Committees and Topics tab on our website.


Q: How do I register for BEIMUN XXX?

A: Form 1 for BEIMUN XXX is now available on our website under the Form I tab.

Q: What are the registration deadlines?

A: For more information please refer to the Important Dates tab on our website.

Form 1 is due on Dec 16th 2022, in which the schools are required to provide an estimate of how many delegates and directors they intend to bring to the conference.

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Q: What is the payment policy for BEIMUN XXX?

A: As BEIMUN XXX is an online conference, it will be free for all participants.

Q: What platform will be used for the conference?

A: We will be using Microsoft Teams for the conference alongside MUN One.

Q: Can students from participating schools apply for leadership positions?

A: Yes. While the secretariat and head admin positions are always held by ISB students, students from other schools may apply for chair positions through the Student Officer Applications page under the Registration tab on our website.

For any additional questions/ concerns, please send us an email at

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