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BEIWATCH is a student-run newspaper that covers the BEIMUN conference and related MUN events at ISB. Our goal is to keep delegates, chairs, and supervisors updated on debate progress in addition to answering questions and introducing important people pertinent to the conference.  We aim to fill the newspaper with relevant news and dynamic photographs and artwork to bring the conferences alive and record the experience for participants. The news team is led by five executive members—however, pumping out new editions every day is not achievable without every reporter, artist, photographer, layout designer, and editor.

The process of completing a single article begins by assigning a reporter, artist, and photographer to a particular topic. Then, the reporter either investigates the issue or conducts extensive online research to write up a draft, which is sent to an editor for polishing. Lastly, the artwork, photograph, and a finalized version of the article is sent to the layout artist for compilation. The newsroom is often quite busy as one issue is published every day, meaning reporters, artists, photographers, and layout designers work on several articles simultaneously and repeatedly go through this process.

While this task could get tedious, all of our members work actively to publish the best content for all. Each BEIWATCH newspaper represents our team’s hard work. Walking around hallways every morning in an effort to distribute our work, we not only hope to receive support but also aim to help those involved in the conference stay updated and relieve stress by taking a glance at our entertaining articles, photographs, and artwork. We are always looking for news so please let us know if something cool happens during BEIMUN. Happy reading!


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