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BEIMUN XXXI Leadership Team

Secretary General – Sally Kim

Honorable directors, fellow student officers, and distinguished delegates and guests!

My name is Sally Kim, and I am very honored to serve as the Secretary-General for BEIMUN XXXI and BEIMUN Online. As a high school senior at the International School of Beijing, this is my seventh year in the Model United Nations program.

BEIMUN may not seem like a significant event to some, but for me, MUN and the role of SG have been my ultimate dream, a source of pride, and the center of my life since sixth grade. As I prepare for my final year as SG of BEIMUN XXXI, I am ready to dedicate all my time and effort to making this conference the best it can be for all delegates, student officers, and directors. MUN has been a truly special experience for me, and I want others to feel the same way.

Even when high school life becomes challenging and tough, MUN provides me with a space to breathe, think, and connect with people. Over the past seven years, I have come to realize that my political views and preferences were developed and influenced by the brilliant minds I met at MUN conferences. Furthermore, the relationships that I have forged through MUN have given me some of my most cherished friendships and memories.
I sincerely hope that BEIMUN will be a fun and comfortable experience for all participants. I am eager to put forth my utmost dedication and efforts into making this conference unforgettable for everyone involved.

I may spread my passion and love for MUN. House, please come to order; we will now be moving into the best MUN experience.

Secretary General – George Xu

Greetings to all participants attending BEIMUN,

Welcome to the 31st annual Beijing Model United Nations Conference. My name is George Xu, and I am honored to serve as your co-Secretary-General in the upcoming year. As a junior at the International School of Beijing, this is my sixth year participating in the MUN program.

I joined the MS MUN Club in sixth grade, initially looking to expand my horizons from the natural sciences to the political sciences and improve my public speaking skills. I got all of that and more. I realized, through some introspection, that I would not be the person I am now without my experiences at MUN. The lenses through which I saw this world, its history, and its future all came from 14 conferences worth of research, discussion, and debate. What I recognized as most significant, however, was the understanding that all of you aspiring delegates will one day inherit the knowledge and power of your predecessors and forge your own path to the future, to humanity’s future. May you learn from the mistakes we witness now of the past and present and never repeat them, the consequences of which are evident from the topics you will try to resolve.

Whether you are a first-time debater or a seasoned veteran of many years, this conference, I hope, will still bring you the same joy and surprises as it did years ago, no matter how much life has changed. I look forward to meeting all of you on the 31st anniversary of BEIMUN and in future conferences, whenever that may be.

Deputy Secretary General – Edward Zeng

To all participants attending BEIMUN XXXI and BEIMUN Online,

My name is Edward Zeng, and it is my pleasure to serve as your Deputy-Secretary-General for the thirty-first annual Beijing Model United Nations conference. As a senior at the International School of Beijing, this is my fifth year in MUN and an honor to serve in this year’s BEIMUN exec team.

I still vividly remember my first day in MUN back in 7th grade. I was scared, timid, and even afraid to simply go into the classroom. I had struggled so much rather I should walk in or simply just leave. MUN is hard, can be challenging, and is mired with difficulties. But that is exactly what makes the MUN experience special. We are part of greater community that do not shy away from difficult issues that even the world cannot tackle.


My experience in MUN have shaped my character’s tenacity, fortitude, and global mindedness. My most cherished MUN experienced is no doubt the BEIMUNs that I have been to, the crown jewel. To be able become the very execs that I have looked up to when I was in my MS years, my MUN experience has been truly a life changing experience. There is nothing that I would change on that faithful day in 7th grade, but walk in again, only more confident and knowing that I would have a great time.

To all that is till on their journey, keep doing MUN. To those that has not done MUN, try it. You won’t regret it. 

Deputy Secretary General – Nan Jiang

Greetings to all participants attending BEIMUN!

My name is Nan Jiang, and I am delighted to be serving as one of your deputy secretary generals for the thirty-first Beijing Model United Nations conference and BEIMUN Online. I am a junior attending the International School of Beijing; this will be my fifth year in the MUN program.

Back in 7th grade, it took plenty of self-assurance and self-convincing to join the MUN club, for I was such a terrible public speaker. Little did I know that MUN would become one of my greatest passions and will forever change the way I view the world. Having been a part of the MUN program for so many years and have participated in a range of conferences, I am proud to say that MUN is not only one of my greatest passions, but a significant part of my life. MUN helped me become more aware and involved with the world around me. Most importantly, MUN made me realize that as members of the young generation, we have the power to make a difference in our world.

Through MUN, we share perspectives, practice critical thinking, and raise awareness in our changing world. I look forwards to the collaboration, collision of ideas, and thoughtful debates that will be taking place at BEIMUN. Lastly, I hope all participants of BEIMUN will have a memorable experience. See you at BEIMUN!

Head Admin – Katherine Wang

Hello to everyone participating in BEIMUN XXXI!

My name is Katherine Wang, and I am excited to be serving as the Head Admin for BEIMUN XXXI and ISB MUN events. I am a high school senior at ISB and this is my 4th year in MUN. 

I joined MUN back in seventh grade, an incredibly introverted student who had trouble speaking and would stutter whenever I approached the podium. It wasn't something that I had a lot of passion in at the time. A few years later on, MUN ignited a passion in me regarding global issues, inspiring me to become a passionate debater and increasing my awareness of possible solutions and mitigations for issues in our world. Deeper down, through participating in MUN, I had unforgettable experiences in my conferences. I made new friends, created new memories, and had fun.

As a head admin, I hope to bring a memorable experience to all delegates participating in BEIMUN, inspiring fervent passion towards solving global issues and long-lasting friendships between delegates. I hope to meet you all during BEIMUN XXXI!

Head Admin – Kelly Noh

To all participants attending BEIMUN,  

My name is Kelly Noh, and it is my honor to serve as one of the head admins in the upcoming year. I am a junior at the International School of Beijing, and this is my 5th year participating in MUN. 

I joined MUN program in middle school, hoping to improve my public speaking and develop interest in international affairs. Although first struggling when speaking in front of large audiences, I was soon able to improve my debating skills and gain a sense of confidence and satisfaction from my achievements. 

Whether you joined MUN to meet new friends, improve your public speaking, or develop a better understanding of international relations, we hope that this conference can provide you with memorable experience as well as valuable skills. I look forward to meeting all of you on the 31st anniversary of BEIMUN!

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